How do I know if I am buying an authentic piece?

Here at Designer Haven our items go through thorough inspections by our Authentication Department. We guarantee your item to be 100% authentic or you will receive a full refund for your item and any shipping fees associated with your purchase.


What if I am unhappy with the quote I am given to sell my item(s)?

Designer Haven’s sale’s team quotes with the best possible price in order to receive the greatest value in the quickest amount of time.

If you are dissatisfied with the quote you are given, you may respond via email with an amount you are comfortable with. Designer Haven’s sales team will review your request and respond to you within 48 hours. This does not guarantee a change in quote.

How do you come up with the selling price?

Our Sales Experts set prices based on the following:

  • Condition
  • Popularity of the item
  • Current selling price of other competitors

What if I change my mind on selling my item(s)?

You may send us a written request via email if you change your mind on selling your item(s). This does not guarantee that your item will be released prior to the agreement date and penalization fees may be assessed for early termination of contract.

What can I sell?

We have a full list of designers that we accept on our homepage under “DESIGNERS” tab. Designer Haven only sells handbags, shoes, accessories and fine jewelry at the moment.


What if I damage an item while renting it?

We want you to enjoy your item and we understand typical wear and tear will happen. If an item is damaged or soiled beyond normal wear, fees will be assessed depending on damages. Please see our Terms and Conditions for full details and fees.

What if I lose an item while renting it?

If an item is lost or stolen you are responsible to pay for the full MSRP value and you may be subject to additional fees. Please see Terms and Conditions for full details if an item is lost.

Am I able to extend my rental if I want to rent it for longer?

Yes, if you keep it past the return date it will automatically renew every month.

Am I able to return my rental sooner than the rental agreement?

You may return your rental at any time, though you will be charged based on the rental agreement